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Word of the Day - "inanition"

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inanition \in-uh-NISH-uhn\ noun
1: The condition or quality of being empty.
2: Exhaustion, as from lack of nourishment.
3: Lack of vitality or spirit.

Sample Usages:

[1] "The problem that faces British universities is not that they have become fat and lazy, but that they have been starved beyond lean efficiency into inanition." -- John Sutherland, "A contest that no one can really win," The Guardian, August 14, 2000

[2] "Even without, or before, revolution or foreign invasion, states can decline of their own inanition." -- Harold Perkin, "The rise and fall of empires: the role of surplus extraction," History Today, April 2002

[3] "Sadly, though not surprisingly, convention speeches designed to rouse voters from their indifference only exacerbate the country's inanition." -- Thomas J. Mccarthy, "This year's national party meetings displayed poll-itics as usual," America, September 9, 2000


Inanition derives from Latin inanitio, "emptiness," from inanire, "to make empty," from inanis, "empty." It is related to inane, "lacking sense or intelligence; pointless."

That bad case of the Blah that I get from time to time has a name. It's called "inanition".

Words have been sucking of late. 'ubiquitous'? 'virago'? That one really makes me roll my eyes. 'ameliorate'? Bleah...


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