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weather: mostly cloudy
outside: 8°C
mood: okay
music: Haydn - Trumpet Concerto in E Flat Major, Allegro

How do you do the Weather icons, Temperature and other Personal Stats?

Anything other than Mood and Music are not LJ features. I insert them manually. I have a floating table at the top of each journal entry that contains all the things I want to include.

The problem with this, though, is that if I decide to change the layout of the Currents, then all the previous journal entries will look screwy. You'll notice that if you go back far enough, my Currents live in a beige dotted box, then further back it's a solid pink box. And further back still, they are _below_ my journal entry text. =D

Also, because the path to the images is static, when the LJ Gang changed the location of their mood images, all my mood images were broken (I fixed some, but not all, so you'll see some broken mood images everywhere). If I moved my icons to a different location, all the weather images will be broken. =)

But it's something I'll have to live with... oh, the price of vanity is great. =)

Of course, what I would love to do is tweak ljwin32_semaSemagic to find the weather station that lives the fewest number of hops away from my IP, retrieve and auto-insert the right icon, weather text and temperature. I scripted something like this once working for The Dot Bomb™ to grab weather information from Accuweather.Com. But Accuweather charges for their weather data. And you get current, 5-day and 10-day forecasts for 5000 cities. I just want current for Vancouver, BC. =P I suppose I could screen-scrape it from Environment Canada, but that would be like taking my pants off so I can fart.

Anyway, back to the Personal Stats table: I can put anything in this table. I used to have a Water Tally for how many 600mL bottles of water I drink every day. I was thinking about keeping track of the clothes I wear.

I'm also not limited to the same icon-to-mood matching that LJ has. For example, I think the icon for "tired" looks more appropriate for "determined", the "determined" icon looks more like "annoyed" and the "sick" one looks like "puking drunk". The "hopeful" icon looks more like "amused" to me. There are also a few icons that exist, but aren't associated with any mood in the list.

I can also use whatever text I want for the Mood and have an icon for it. =)

How do you get the Calendar to show up in the Recent/LASTN View?

Manually. At least when I was using the S1 styles. I updated the LASTN_PAGE variable right after I post the first entry of the day. The CALENDAR View variables are not accessible in the LASTN View in LJ's S1 styling system. Automatically updating calendars are available with most S2 styles.

How do you track IPs of people who access your journal?

My web hosting service has activity logging. By having stuff hosted there and linked from my journal, anyone who accesses my LJ must touch those objects and is therefore tracked. There are regulars who read my journal without saying anything, some of them I know, some I don't. I encourage people to contact me and talk to me, it's nice to be able to put a name to an IP address. =)

To all those who read my journal without saying anything: Ahoy there! You can leave me a note here and say hello. =)

Doesn't it squick you that people are reading your journal and not telling you about it?

Honestly, yes, a little. But 1) I don't post super sensitive stuff about my life and 2) I have my suspicions as to who some of those unknown regulars are. They haven't said anything or done anything yet, so I'll be content to just let them know at every turn I'm watching them and continue on my merry way.

What's your sign?

I'm a Wood Tiger; Sun in Scorpio; Moon in Aries; Ascendant in Leo; Sun in the Fourth House. You'd most likely mistake me for a Virgo. Until you piss me off. Then you'd get a faceful.

Are you planning to have children?

Maybe some day, but not now. My current list of excuses:

  • This is a crappy world and I don't want a child suffering in it.

  • We can't afford it. I did a mental calculation based on the prices of things today and given our current life situation (which can only get worse, not better, with the threat of layoffs). Our salaries are just enough that we don't qualify for a lot of government child assistance benefits. But we don't make enough to support a child comfortably on our own. It wouldn't surprise me at all if I were overthinking this, though.

  • We're way too busy. We barely have time for dinner, nevermind a kidlet. We were too busy to cancel a gym membership that we've had for a year without actually exercising.

  • I'd make a horrible Mom.

People who are much bigger idiots than I, have raised wonderful children, but I'd like to think I'm better than random chance. Truthfully, I think it would be nice to have my own children, but I don't have a ferocious urge to breed.

What does the header "Ubi tu caius, ego caia" mean?

"Where you are Lord, I am your Lady."

It's a Latin wedding vow from the ancient Roman Pagan wedding rite (circa 600 BC onwards, but pre-Christian). These words of consent mark the bride's acceptance of the marriage in response to the groom giving her a cup of water and a glowing firebrand as symbols that she was now the Lady of the House, entitled to the protection of the family.

Thanks, userinfoKatja, for the research! =)

What does the header "Sicut erat in principio" mean?

For those familiar with Latin choral works, the phrase comes up in the Gloria (Glory Be) prayer:

Gloria Patri, et Fili, et Spiritui Sancto. Sicut erat in principio, et nunc et semper, et in saeccula saeculorum, Amén.

Glory to the Father, and the Son and the Holy Ghost. Such as it was in the beginning, is now and will be forever. Amen.

My husband is my first and only love. I am his first and only love. We met when we were 14, started going steady at 17. Throughout our relationship of over ten years now, people will still ask if we are newlyweds or a new relationship.

We are sicut erat in principio, as we were in the beginning. =)

Incidentally, "sic" which is short for "sicut" is used when quoting something with a spelling mistake or other glaring error, to mean "I'm quoting the original exactly, errors and all". [footnote]

What are those squares/Chinese characters in the header?

If you see squares, that means you have not enabled Foreign Language Support on your machine. Here are instructions for adding Chinese Language Support to Win2K and WinXP Step 1-4 only, follow Step 5-6 to set up the Input Method support. Mac OSX instructions are here: Mac OS X 10.1; Jaguar; Panther and I imagine the instructions for Tiger would be the same as the ones for Panther.

What is 《新 娘 辭》?

新 娘 子 is "The Bride" in Chinese.

refers to a journal, an epic or some other piece of literary work, fiction or non-fiction, that is documentary or [auto]biographical in nature. "The Ballad of Mulan" is 木 蘭 辭.

That lady in the purple/constellation/Queen of the Night layout, is that you?

No. I'd never look that beautiful in a million years. That is actually a modified image of the lovely Amy Stanton of Quixotic Pixels where I got the layout from. Amy's work is truly magnificent. I also adapted another set of hers called "The Naturalist" for my LJ. And I bought her a book off her Amazon Wishlist even though those two sets were just Linkware. I'd already used two of them and they were just so beautiful.

Can you help me with my journal layout?

Contact me and we'll talk =) bride (at) livejournal (dot) com

In general, yes, in exchange for something on one of my Wish Lists. But talk to me first because it depends on what you want done and how much effort it will be. I don't have a set "exchange rate", I'm willing to go by ear and by honour system for now. I won't ask for anything in return for just a small question, but it would be nice to get a little something for a bunch of small questions, for example.

I'm not a graphics designer. I've been known to do funky things to enhance other peoples' work when a hot blue bolt of inspiration strikes me, but I would not be able to do squat with a blank canvas. I can take someone else's layout design and pound it into the LJ style format. Getting permission to use or edit graphics, web sets, blog templates and adhering to the original designer's Terms of Service are your responsibility.


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