The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Champagne Assessment

weather: rainy/windy
outside: 10°C
mood: miserable
music: Britney Spears - Heart
It feels a lot colder than 10°C. It could just be me. Between not sleeping well this weekend, losing an hour and my car deal, I'm not quite myself anyway.

ICBC has pegged my damage at $1500 which is on the low side. And the Rabid Blinker Lady has reported damages of about $500. I'm supposed to call back next week to find out what she's doing and see if it's worth my while to pay for my damages and her damages out of pocket so that it doesn't affect my insurance rates. At this point, it'll be better to just pay the $300 deductible, claim it and take the $600 rate hike over the next 3 years.

I lose my RoadStar. I'm also going to be at -40%, which isn't too horrid. Brother Boy's rates are also affected. I think he'll be at +75% (so almost double the regular rate).

We found out what the rumbling was. My muffler is toast. It's rusted through... something about the inner pipes rusted/rotted as well. The accident made it worse, but realistically, it wouldn't have lasted a whole lot longer anyway. *sigh* It's a 13 year old car. In Vancouver*. It happens. And this is not covered by the insurance.

And I guess while they're in there, I'll get them to fix the little smish in the front left corner. That was totally me. I plowed it at ½kph into the side of a friend's house. I was trying to park in a narrow spot between her house and the fence. It was dark. Her outdoor motion detector light didn't come on. My nose was pointed slightly upwards which meant that I, being A Shortie™, couldn't see well. Nissan Maximas are long cars to begin with. And the alley behind the house was narrow. I turned too wide. I couldn't figure out why it got harder and harder to move, then the car wouldn't go forward at all. Gee, there's a house in the way.

* - We invented that whole concept of small flying water droplets coming out of the sky.

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