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The Bachelor III: Andrew Firestone

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Husband Guy says I'm more callous than Simon Cowell. *evil grin* It's funny because I took an instant liking to SC when I saw him during the auditions in Idol I. And a lot of the things he says on public record, I agree with.

Anyway, the point of that was that I randomly caught "The Bachelor III" last night as I plopped down for my approximately bi-weekly tubing*.

If you're mean to stupid people, are you still mean? Okay, so Husband Guy and I are Certified Meanies™ then. But these people rrrrrreeeeeeeaaaaaaallllllllyyyyyyyy deserve it.

What's with Fox picking only fugly guys whose names begin with the letter 'A'?

Andrew is SO not marriage material. He's divorce material though. >KD

Gosh, Fox Producers, how long did it take you to find that many women to make up the IQ and depth of a dog piss puddle?

* - As in Cathode Ray Tubing, in a pile of Phosphor Cells, not the Frolicking In The Snow kind of tubing =)

And I only subject myself to that non-interactive CRT crap because M-I-L Woman** says that I shouldn't sit in front of a computer as that could damage my ovaries. Yes, of course, computers do nothing to Husband Guy's testicles that are on the outside of his body and less protected than my ovaries are. *grumble* Here, have some Sarcasm Cleaner® ... *sprit* *sprit* ... and a sponge. Your keyboard's all disgusting.

** - She's not that bad overall. I've seen much worse Mothers-In-Law. She's just a bit naïve/impressionable when it comes to health/medical issues because it's not really her thing (finance is her thing). She's also quicker than most Ms-I-L to get it if you explain things to her or challenge the erroneous mode of thinking. I can't remember if I rebutted her on this one, sometimes I don't bother.

On occasion, she comes up with some gems. And it's usually not on her own. She's into this tiered marketing thing that pushes health supplements. There are people involved in that who make up health/medical shit that sounds legit all the time. It wouldn't surprise me if they told her that. There's really nothing you can do about those people because they're "trying to help" and they genuinely believe that what little they know is absolute.

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