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The Brother-in-Law suddenly had the urge to play Magic: The Gathering again. Holy Grandmother of Zeus*, the boy has a lot of cards. There are boxes upon boxes upon boxes as far as the eye can see.

I had a deck or two, but I was never a serious player. I liked some of the cards, but not for their rarity or power in gameplay, like most normal people. My favorite card has to be the "Lost Soul" (common). Yeah, the naked lady posing in the swamp with a white, very-see-through-may-as-well-not-be-there body veil. For some reason, I'm incredibly drawn to this card and the flavour text: "Her hand gently beckons, she whispers your name -- But those who go with her are never the same."

I bought a black border one and kept it, never played with it. I rarely played Black so that wasn't a problem =) I usually played Green-Red. A crummy player like me, needs the Basilisk/Cockatrice/Lure and the Kird Apes/Forest combo. But, for the most part, I just look at the pretty artwork and use it for geek humour context. =)

I was volunteering years ago in the tropical section of the Vancouver Aquarium & Marine Science Centre and there was a Basilisk on display. There was a fellow in a tour group who obviously didn't vote for the Aquarium trip and was moping around, not enjoying himself. To be fair, it's hot and muggy in the tropical section. Having been to the Aquarium a number of times, I understand how exhausting it can be for some people. You're walking around very slowly, just looking at stuff, you're not actually doing much. It can get hard on the feet and back, and your brain goes numb after a while. He seemed interested in the Basilisk, though, and I quipped something like, "how much would you pay me to cast a Lure and wipe out all the other animals?" He laughed hard out loud, I guess I made a connection =)

I remember The Great Fork Fight between Brother-in-Law and his friends.

"I Fork."
"I Fork your Fork."
"I Fork the Fork that Forked my Fork."
"I Fork that too."
"Oh YEAH?! I have another one! Fork You, man! Fork You!" =D

* - which would be Gaea.

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