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McBen: Back In Da 'Hood

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music: Ben Heppner - La Forza del Destino, Oh Tu Che in Seno Agl'Angeli (Verdi)
Ben Heppner has another solo concert in Vancouver this November at The Orpheum. I reallyreallyreally want to go. I have more stuff that I want autographed =D I'll probably end up going by myself again.

It was nice going alone last time. Albeit, a little lonely. It would really be nice to go with someone this time. Someone to talk to as we're being seated; someone to chum with in the autograph lineup; someone to help take pictures of McBen and me when I get to the table.

I feel bad dragging the Husband Guy along when he's not as into classical opera as I am. He'd go with me if I begged, but what's the point of spending the money if he isn't going to be excited about it? The penguin outfit with a little noose around the neck, isn't his thing. Neither are heldontenors... if he knew what a heldontenor was... he only listens to it if I make him turn the radio to Double-Clef FM in whatever car he steals in GTA3.

Hey, it was a huge accomplishment on my part to get him to recognize "Largo al Factotum" from Il Barbiere di Siviglia. Well, he calls it "The Barber of Seville", but I'm thrilled with even that. He no longer calls it "That's When Bugs Bunny Drops An Anvil On The Singing Guy's Head Song". He actually knows some of the lyrics for real - "LAAAA lala lala lala, LA laa. Lalala lalala lalala LAAAAAAAAAAA" and "di qualità, di qualità". I was really happy about that. Of course, I haven't been on his case about it recently, so it might have hissed out his ears by now. *sigh* =}

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