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The Adventures of Wife Girl, Part I: Hired Help

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We got hired help.

Backstory: Husband Guy and I carpool because we work quite close by to each other. He works quite late most days, so I end up waiting for him until 1930h. It makes no sense for me to go home at 1800h, then come back at 1930h to pick him up again, I just work an extra hour and a half if I'm busy, then bill it as I see fit or just goof off or whatever. Usually, I work it.

This means that by the time we get home, it's almost 2000h. Neither of us are avid cooks, in fact, both of us are fairly Kitchenally Challenged™. Neither of us particularly care what we eat so long as it's at least vaguely food-ish-like in quality. Our brains are trashed by that time in the evening, so we usually end up cracking open the Chunky soup.

I was reading Fazia's blog and saw this wonderful slow cooker chicken recipe that I really wanted to try. We both love chicken and I was very interested in the slow cooker idea - it can cook for me during the day while I'm gone!!!

All week, I've been looking into crock pots between builds and script runs. And finally, yesterday, we bought one. It's the 6 quart Rival Smart-Pot 38601-W.

It comes with an instruction booklet that has a few interesting recipes in it. One of which was very similar to Faz's chicken one. There was also a Jumbalaya one that I thought I'd definitely try. There are a bunch more at the Rival website that I'll look through before I think about buying one of their cookbooks =)

Our crock pot came with a small ding pre-thumped into the side, which I thought was pretty brilliant of the Rival folks. Now we don't quite have to worry about breaking it in and making it fit in with our other hired help.

There was an Accessories Catalogue as well where I discovered they sold meat racks. I wanted either a small round one or an oval one that fits at the bottom. They didn't carry them at the store where I got the slow cooker =P I went around trying to find a similar thing at one of the kitchen gadget stores, but no one had a small one that would fit.

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