The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

The Adventures of Wife Girl, Part II: My, Chickens Have Big Asses

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I don't know what it is about holidays that make me want to do This Wife Thing™. I'm horrible at it. I hate it. And yet, once in a while, I feel obligated to do it for a sense of accomplishment or to reconfirm my failure. I trundled off mid-morning to get some supplies.

I bought a small whole fryer chicken.

Over in the spices, I got a bottle of lemon pepper - um, I'm never going to be able to use this up in a million years, so I might look for people to share some with.

I saw these icky dried packages of bay leaves and rosemary needles, thought "bleh, guess I'll have to deal" to myself and took one packet of each.

In the produce section, grabbed an onion, carrots and celery. I scored fresh bay leaves and rosemary sprigs in Produce, so that was great. Ran back to put the icky dried stuff back.

I thought I'd see if they had small meat racks there. Alas, they didn't. But I did get cheese cloth that I'll need tomorrow. Cool.

Get home and start. I needed to skin the chicken and trim the fat. Wow, for a small chicken, that's a whole lot of ass in my garbage can. And the rest of the fat is blorping around in there too. Got it rinsed off and assembled in the pot. Turned it on, so that we could promptly ignore it for 6 hours.

Husband Guy and I have been checking on it every once in a while. It's a good thing it has a clear pyrex lid, for Lookie-Loos and Peekie-Poos like us. It's startin' to look and smell a little foodie in there. Emeril would be proud =) Eeeh, who am I kidding... No he wouldn't, he'd just point at me and laugh. I'd be doing well if my food tastes like Emeril Lagasse's pants.

More when it finishes and we get to try it... as frightening a thought as that may be...

Tags: cooking

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