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The Adventures of Wife Girl, Part III: Happy Easter

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At about the 5 hour mark, the top of the chicken was looking a bit dry. We thought maybe we should flip it over so that the top side could drown in the juices for the rest of the time. Well, the meat just about fell right off when I touched it with the two-pronged turkey carving fork.

Then, the realization hits me that that might be because we have a much smaller bird than the recipe calls for. Check the recipe: "3-4 lbs whole chicken". Dig through the fat ass in the garbage to find the chicken package wrapping: "1.23kg" which is about 2½ lbs. Uh, it's done now. =)

And it was having a lot of difficulty maintaining molecular cohesion as I was trying to lift it out of the stoneware pot onto a serving platter. The legs managed to stay attached but both wings fell off. It undid itself at the seams in a few places after I got it transferred, especially when I opened the butt end back up to scrape out the onions (Husband Guy doesn't like onions).

The rosemary... I hauled out two empty rosemary stems. >KD I picked up as many of the needles as I could, but I was still picking out needles throughout dinner. =)

But dinner turned out fabulous! We just had rice and chicken in front of the TV (Mavericks vs. Trailblazers). We didn't bother making anything else because we knew we'd have way too much food if we did. The chicken turned out so well. The meat jumped off the bones for you if you stared at it too hard. The inner breast meat actually tasted really good too, I'm amazed. The onions were so sweet and yummy. If we had put any other vegetables in, they'd be incredible too.

We still had some left over, so I separated the meat from the bones and saved both. I saved the juice in a container as well. Tomorrow, I'm going to do The Chicken Vegetable Soup Sequel that Faz wrote about *teehee* I think I'll substitute rice for the noodles because we have plenty of that left.

Husband Guy and I are both very happily stuffed right now. =)

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter holiday!

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