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The Adventures of Wife Girl, Part IV: Sequel of the Chicken

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This morning, all the leftover chicken/onion juice, all the bones and some of the leftover chicken went into a large pot of water (just a regular pot on the stove, no crock pot acrobatics today). Brought it all to a boil, and it's now simmering. It started at 1030h, it'll be done at 1630h.

I've gotten rid of a lot of fat/oil so far. Oil skimming is a huge part of cooking in my house. We're Chinese, but we eat very lean. Husband Guy's family aren't nearly the Anti-Oil Nazis that we are. Cooking with his Mother for the first little while was almost more than my arteries could take... =}

The big oil globs, we scoop them of the top, but with the smaller piddly drops that run around all over the place, we use an oil separating pitcher. Rather than having the liquid poured out the top, there's a "blocker". It's a piece of plastic that allows liquid to be poured from the bottom where the oil isn't sitting. That's not a very good picture, but the layer at the top is oil. You still have to dump out a little bit of oil that gets trapped in the spout section, or you just have to live with that little bit, but it's a helluva lot less than before.

I very highly recommend this oil separation pitcher. It's called a "Broth Cooker for Microwave Ovens" or "Microwave Broth Cooker". It's made by Star Industrial Co., Ltd in Hong Kong. I can't find a good product description online. Maybe I should submit it to Epinions or something.

It doesn't look or feel like it should go in a microwave though (it's durable plastic, but it's still plastic). I use it exclusively for oil separation and only after the liquid has cooled a bit.

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