The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Beautiful Music

I'm not crazy... she says with frenzied, wild eyes. 8}

I'm editing some WAVs that I'd like to use for various parts of the wedding. A lot of beautiful and lesser known Star Trek tracks. I love how Fiance Guy listens to them and says, "hey, that's REALLY nice, what is it?". You should see the look on his face when I say, "Star Trek" and he can't find a micron of objection in his soul. =) Jerry Goldsmith is one of my alltime favorite contemporary composers/conductors.

Seeing the waveform of music is very interesting. I've looked at a wide range of music that I like and don't like. What I find particularly fascinating is, even considering that the type, genre and tempo of my favorite songs are all different, there's a pattern to the waveforms. It's another "my heart knew something that my brain didn't" thing. =)

We've decided not to get a DJ afterall. We're just going to have a friend hit the play and stop buttons on a CD player hooked up to the existing sound systems.

DJ's are expensive. The prices quotes I saw were anywhere from $400 to $700 and I'm sure they can get more expensive than that depending on what we want. And we'd have to find a DJ that knows popular North American, Hong Kong and Taiwan music. Finding someone who is up to speed on the three distinct cultures of music is next to impossible. We decided not to have a dance either. It's just way too much hassle.

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