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We tried the Jumbalaya recipe that came with the slow cooker yesterday. That was fantastic too, we'll be fooding on leftovers tonight. =)

I really need to make double what the recipe calls for next time. It was probably written for a 3 quart pot. The ingredients reduced quite a bit and since it cooks from the side instead of the bottom, our 6 quart pot got this burnt ring of tomato gunk all around the side. =P

I substituted jumbo tiger prawns for shrimp, 6 pieces for $11 ($5.50/100g). That was most expensive thing in there. But I went with tiger prawns because digging prawn shit out of the six buggers was better than digging intestine out of the backsides of a zillion little ones the size of maggots. All the same, I think I'll be looking for other seafood or something less expensive next time.

Next time, I'd also like to add an Italian or German sausage of some kind. I just forgot about that when I went ingredient gathering Monday morning.

Yay for sane eating! =D

[Update - 1553h]

BTW, if anyone would like the recipe, I'd be happy to send it to you. It's not like it's a big secret or anything, everyone who has a Rival pot will have it. It's just that posting recipes is still a little too domestic and wifey for my comfort right now.

Just the fact that I'm talking about cooking has me a bit taken aback. =O

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