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CBC Radio 2

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I've cleaned out my MP3s at work. I'm running out of drive space =P My MP3s don't make a dent, but if I'm going to demonstrate a need for a bigger harddrive, I better not have a huge pile of my own stuff on it. Instead, I'm now streaming CBC Radio 2.

I catch the tail end of Music & Company on the way to work. I get Take Five midday. Then Music For A While and In Performance in the evening.

The Music For A While host, Danielle Charbonneau has a great radio voice and that kind of lovely French accent that sounds really beautiful speaking English (it's 60% French; 20% British English; 20% other European languages, there are times that I swear there's some Greek and/or German in it). I don't like all French accents. Jean Cretien gets annoying at length, for example (even though he's so poo-poo-ler), but I love listening to Danielle.

The point of all this was, I kept getting these really weird phase shift experiences these last two days listening online during the day, then getting in my car in the evening and hearing exactly the same thing.

I have to remember that the live stream is on Eastern time, it's 3 hours ahead. =)

Tags: classical music

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