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UglyDress.Com Submission

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Ooo, ooo, ooo!!! I have to tell you all about this! =D

A while ago, I followed a link to UglyDress.Com from weddingplans. I just about peed myself there. I noticed they were having a dress submission contest so that they could get rid of some old inventory (t-shirts), I guess. So, I sent in The Condom Dress. I wrote:


Love your site! =D

The Condom Dress

Have you seen this one yet? I'm not sure if it was intended to be a wedding gown or if it was just a coat, it was an Yves St. Laurent fashion show shot. But it's the most phallically symbolic wedding... thing I've ever seen =D

I thought they probably already had it. I saw it a long time ago. Since I'm usually lame at keeping up with gossip, by the time I see or hear something, everybody and their pygmy marmoset knows about it already.

I get an e-mail today that says:


Thanks for your submission to UglyDress.com. You, my friend are a wiener. I mean a winner. Yes a winner. Your submission was really... um....special... Yes, it was special and you have won something.

Some free stuff.

Please send your address and we'll send you something. Also, include your t-shirt size. We have some Bachelorette.com baby-doll t's. They come in S, M, & L only though because they are for hipsters.

Thanks again for writing to UglyDress.com. We really liked your idea and have posted it on our site under results#1.

When I went to see what they'd done with it, the site was down. Apparently, that dress just uglied their webservers to death =D I gave Dude my work snail mail address so he could send me a Bachelorette.com shirt. The site finally came back up and I could see The Condom Dress in the winner's circle. =}



Apr. 26th, 2003 06:02 am (UTC)
I remember uglydress.com when we were plning the wedding - oh my goodness! We couldn't tear ourselves away from it!!! "Where's my bouquet??" LOL!!

That dress though..... Wow... it really does desserve some sort of award!

Women stressing about their weddings NEED to see that picture - it will help to put the whole 'Momzilla' problem into perspective.


Apr. 26th, 2003 05:00 pm (UTC)
I love the funny stories they make up about the dresses too >KD

"Ever wonder where the guy who made MC Hammer's pants went?" BWAHAHAHA!!! =D


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