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Husband Guy's Shepherd's Pie

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I just had a gigantic helping of Heart-Attack. Yeah, Husband Guy had a turn at the slow cooker.

It was quite good, but man, we better not have stuff like that too often. Whereas I try to find healthier food like the Beef Stew we made on Wednesday, he beelines towards the Artery Clogging section of the online recipes.

Beef, Potato and Cheese, Oh My!

*erm* It turns out that we, here in Canada, do not have these "potato flakes" creatures. We have "instant mashed potato", which is what this Shepherd's Pie is really asking for. That was our Costco hurdle.

So, we're happily assembling stuff in the pot today... it says to put the potato layer on top, cover and cook. Fine, we do that. We had to pack it down because it was a pretty tight fit. ... ... ... Then I noticed the bag of vegetables still on top of the counter.

Me: "Um, what were we supposed to do with the vegetables?"


Me: *scoopa-scoopa* "ICANTBELIEVEYOUFORGOTTHEVEGETABLES" *scoopa-digga-dig*

I viciously accuse the Husband of wanting to omit the vegetables, which were the only saving grace in this entire pot of Undead Triglycerides and Pitchfork Wielding Low-Density Lipoproteins.

By this time, we're both laughing so hard, I'm almost flinging sour cream & potato everywhere. So, that's done and we pour in the veggies. He tells me that we have to pick out the ice chunks that have formed. I look at it and see ice chunks as well. I pick one up to throw it away. It's soft and squishy.

The bugger tried to trick me into throwing away the onions. He's racist against onions and pulls all kinds of stunts to get rid of them - he'd lead the holocaust against onions if I didn't stop him. I play-yell at him for being An Idiot™ and put them back. Mixed the veggies in and covered it back up with the potato. We had to pack it in even harder this time because of the increased volume. But we eventually got it all in and hit the button. =)

We now have just under 6 quarts of Shepherd's Pie (we've already eaten some) and I get chest twinges just walking by the pot sitting in the kitchen. I'm going to bring some over to my parents' house tomorrow.

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