The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
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Church Layout & Music

W and I visited with Gwen at the church this morning. I love Gwen. She is an aMAZing lady. She had Leila, her little pom, with her. Leila is SOOO CYOOOT =D Gwen isn't too crazy about Wagner either and completely understands my objections to the Lohengrin. She said she'd get together with Roy and Kathy P. ('nother music lady) to come up with some other pieces that are comparable to the Lohengrin that have the same level of psychological grandeur that can be played on the pipe organ during my walk down the aisle. I love the sound of the pipe organ.

The more I hear it, the more I like Jeremiah Clarke's Trumpet Voluntary (aka The Prince of Denmark's March)... I wonder if Roy can make it sound less trumpetty though. I'd like to find the Wedding Toccata that Kathy P. was talking about, she couldn't remember the composer or the real name... I wonder if it's the Widor Toccata... Maybe I'll listen to a few Vivaldi's while I'm at it.

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