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best_of_lj - Most Helpful LJ User

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Heehee, this is cool =)

Last week, I found best_of_lj and they had just started taking nominations for a whole bunch of things. I thought it was like the Webby Awards Write-Ins where you get into the running by having ninety thousand nominations. So, I put weddingplans in and got everyone else to nominate.

I thought it was high time weddingplans won some kind of award. We won four categories - Most Helpful Community, Most Interesting Community, Best LJ Layout and Best LJ Icons. =)

And somewhere amid the scramble, I was nominated for Most Helpful LJ User. That was totally unexpected. =) It was even more unexpected that I won =O I thought princessbunny would win because at one point when I was obsessively checking the weddingplans status, she was gaining really fast =)

Anyway, that was really nice. I've put the trophy on the mantle. Thank you to everyone who nominated and voted for me =) And thanks, princessbunny, for a good run =)


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