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Manor House, Episode 3 & 4

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Anyone else catch it last night? These two episodes felt darker and lower in morale. The magic and the newness of it has worn off and the routines have set in.


John may be an asshole, but that's his role. That's the kind of environment that breeds asshole men. Egos measured in gigapascals. In dire need of a hat pin. In all the individual interviews with him, he's saying stuff like, "I know I'm being an asshole, but I'm just following the rules. This is what I have to be like back then." That's a common attitude for people in these sorts of games who get an Alpha role. They're often quite happy to exercise their power in the name of "playing the game".

Anna is doing just fine. Not great, but she's surviving, turning into a mindless wealthy socialite. It's a testament to exactly how mindless life is if bringing goodies and visiting elderly patients in hospitals is a rewarding experience for you. "You do feel like Lady Diana"... *furrow brow* ... hmm, okay.

Avril "took a break". She did cop out, but she has a really difficult role. It's made worse by the fact that it's completely not in line with her personality. That society was no place for her, but it's no place for anyone really. I guess this is why they took the entire family, so they could see how their relationships with each other changed, how each family member's character changes.

Jonathon isn't doing much, he's at school part time, so he isn't as caged as the others. He's also a young man, so he'd be accorded a lot more freedom. Eventually, his status would be on par with his father and he'd have power over his mother. I imagine he'd just grow into his role too. But he jumps at the opportunity to help the staff set up for the garden party which tells me he's bored out of his mind with the project.

Guy is obviously bored. Even with his GameBoy Advance. Yeah, they let him bring a GBA. I saw him with it in the first episode when they moved in. They don't show him in a session with his tutor though. I'm interested in seeing Raj Singh lay the schoolroom smack down. Children didn't know their parents then. I'm not sure that's entirely a bad thing. They did have close relationships with their Nannies and the house staff. That could have been more enriching an experience than any dysfunctional family, especially if the family had good staff.

Edgar looked older and more haggard tonight. I really feel for him. He's caught in that era where the old world is up against the changes into the new. He's losing his power as the Head of Staff, but he still has to bear the same responsibilities as Head of Staff, as before. But Edgar's playing it well.

Mrs. Davies had a little more camera time, but still didn't get to do much. I get the feeling she hates it too, but just won't say anything. She's the type that was taught not to badmouth people and things in public, so she just doesn't.

Chef made an ice sculpture that was quite good for a carving right from an ice block. Most ice sculptures you see today at proms, weddings and what-not are done by dumping water into molds, so I was very impressed. Sir John had asked for dishes with more fibre than true Edwardian dishes. Chef gave him the proverbial middle finger by making a whole roasted pig's head. Brava Chef!!! Hahaha!! =D I love that guy. =) I have a lot of respect for Dubiard. He's a real Chief Cook and Bottle Washer type and I admire that a lot. He had to buckle down and not only cook, but share scullery maid work with Antonia as well for the first little bit when they were short one hand in the kitchen.

Morrison's role is easy in that she doesn't do much physical labour and she's doing exactly what she loves, just like Dubiard. Emotionally though, she's caught in that no man's land of being beneath the Masters, a servant herself on one end and too good for the rest of the staff. She's expected to report on the staff's behaviour to the Lady Ollif-Cooper. It doesn't help that she doesn't see things from the junior staff's point of view. She sees the Master's point of view and Edgar's, to an extent. This makes her Public Enemy #1 to the house staff. No one trusts her, no one wants to talk to her because she's in a position to tattle.

Okay, this Kenny shithead is really getting to me. He and the two footmen, Charlie and Rob, are getting to me, but Kenny especially. They don't seem to understand that they're getting away with blue murder. There are no consequences to any shit they pull. Hello, the reason your families were uninvited to the garden party is because you acted like idiots at a pub the night before.

Gods, are there just no consequences to any of their actions in their real lives that they think everything is unfair? It's all mememememe, I want, I want, I want, I should get to enjoy, beligerence is my basic right. >={

Edgar brought in that elderly lady who used to be a house maid at Manderston House. They asked her stupid shit like, "did you have any time off when you were working here?" and she says, "only when your work was done, you could have a little time to yourself to mend the linens." She also told them about the physical, emotional and sexual abuse suffered. And the only thing that kept her going was knowing that at least she had a roof over her head, a place to sleep and she was fed. I think it was a very humbling and inspiring experience for the female staff. I'm not sure the guys got it.


You still see both remnants and repercussions of that environment in people today. It was an incredibly isolating society. Everyone is constantly Alone In A Crowded Room. For me, at least, I watch something like Manor House and the lightbulbs go off. Oh, that's where the fucked-uppedness comes from. Well, no wonder people do or say stupid things like that. No wonder I dislike these common traits in certain people. They're all shadows of a world that got it wrong.

And what's with the redundant "have got" construct for the verb "to have" in British-style grammar? Ex. "I have got [to do x]", "you haven't got [a clue]", "have you got [the time]?"

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