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Friday Five - Songs

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I've completely ignored the numbers.

1. Name a song you hate to admit you like.

  1. A few Britney Spears songs: Heart, Girl In The Mirror, Sometimes and Lucky. I'm not a Britney Spears fan, but these lyrics (only these four, I swear) kinda glommed onto my head and wouldn't let go.

  2. La Donna È Mobile from Verdi's Rigoletto. Yes, this is the "Elephant's Ears" song. =D I usually don't like Pavarotti's voice, but he does the best Duke/King. I also hate the lyrics. The title literally means "Women Are Fickle". I find it disturbing, ironic and, yet not surprising that "mobile" (meaning "able to move freely") is "fickle" when used to describe women.

    But there's no denying that it's a great song. *ptooey* *ptooey* Before I found out what it meant, I blindly loved this song for just the sound that it made. It's tainted now, but as long as I can get my brain to separate the sound from the meaning, I can enjoy it again.

  3. Rule Britannia by Thomas Augustine Arne. There are very few patriotic songs that don't annoy me. This one fell clear in the Annoying category, but Bryn Terfel made all the difference.

  4. Release Me, Engelbert Humperdinck

    I don't like the lyrics. It absolutely does not apply to me or my life at all. I really hate the sentiment. It conveys an attitude of love and relationships that makes me bristle. And it's completely not my type of music. But I find myself bizarrely drawn to the beautiful melody and the way the words flow.

  5. Wishin' and Hopin', Ani DiFranco. I may very well have my Feminist Membership revoked for this. But it's such a cute song =}

2. Name a song that always make you cry.

I don't cry over songs, but if anything, I'd have to say, the last crescendo on "Vincero!" in Nessun Dorma from Puccini's Turandot. When I'm in the right frame of mind, the Ben Heppner and Placido Domingo versions have me in tears.

3. Name a song that turns you on.

Hero, Enrique Iglesias.

Whoa. Okay, wait a sec. Let's get a few things straight first though.

  • Enrique is a pansy.
  • He can't sing without post-production sound engineers fixing stuff up.
  • The lyrics to "Hero" are incoherent and make no logical sense whatsoever.

This could be put in with the songs that I hate to admit I like, but since I didn't have one for "turns me on", I thought I'd stick it here instead. It's not really that this song turns me on, but it demonstrates something that does. Throughout this song, he closes his glottis at one end and open slightly at the other. Thus, the vocal folds can only vibrate at the open end producing a very low-pitch rumbling sound.

Linguists call this phonation type "creakiness" and it's so incredibly sexy.

4. Name a song that always makes you feel good.

  1. Brindisi (A Toast) from Verdi's La Traviata — it's the "Libiamo, libiamo" ("Let's drink, let's drink") song

  2. Largo al Factotum (Make Way for the Topman), Figaro's aria from Rossini's Il Barbiere di Siviglia. Especially when </a></b></a> sings along =D

  3. The Papageno & Papagana Duet from Mozart's Die Zauberflöte:

    Papageno & Papagena:  
    Pa. pa, pa.  
    Pa, pa, pa, pa.  
    Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa.  
    Pa-pa-pa-pa pa.  
    Papageno: Bist du mir nun ganz gegeben? Are you really given to me now?
    Papagena:   Nun bin ich dir ganz gegeben. Now I really am given to you.
    Papageno: Nun, so sei mein liebes Wiebchen. So, now be my darling little wife.
    Papagena:   Nun, so sei mein Herzenstäubchen.   So, now be the little dove of my heart.
    Papageno & Papagena:  
    Welche Freude wird das sein! What a pleasure that will be!
    Wenn die Götter uns bedenken, When the gods remember us,
    Unsrer Liebe Kinder schenken, Crown our love with children,
    So liebe kleine Kinderlein! Such dear little children!
    Papageno: Erst einen kleinen Papageno! First a little Papageno!
    Papagena:   Dann eine kleine Papagena! Then a little Papagena!
    Papageno: Dann wieder einen Papageno! Then another Papageno!
    Papagena:   Dann weider einen Papagena! Then another Papagena!
    Papageno: Papageno!  
    Papagena:   Papagena!  
    Papageno: Papageno!  
    Papagena:   Papagena!  
    Papageno & Papagena:
    (in unison)

5. Name a song you couldn't ever do without.

  1. Star Trek: First Contact Opening Theme

  2. Star Trek: Insurrection Opening Theme

  3. Star Trek: The Inner Light Suite (are we seeing a pattern here?)

  4. The Soviet National Anthem sung by the Russian Red Army Choir — it's not that I can't do without this song, it's just such an awe inspiring song that I think it would be a great loss if it didn't exist.


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