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Schools Are Funny Creatures

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BWAHAHAHA!!! =D This is way too precious to not share! >KD

If anyone has seen juky, please pass on a message from me that he is In Very Serious Trouble™, Young Man®. >KD

We received a small envelope in the mail, from our old highschool, that was addressed "To the Parent/Guardian of: Brother-In-Law Dude"... =O Husband Guy and I looked at each other and wondered at the same time, "Is that us?"

Close enough, we decided and proceeded to open the small envelope.

In it was a Student Progress Interim Report. With a recent date. And Brother-In-Law Dude's name on it. For — and this is the kicker — SCIENCE 8. It was signed by one of the Science teachers, the Science Department Head (both of whom were teachers that Husband Guy and I knew when we were still there) and probably the Gr.8 Boys' Counsellor.

The young man's Interim Report was quite dismal indeed, garnering such commentary as: "– grades have been improving. It seems that he has finally learned that he should keep up with his home assignments in order to be successful at Eric Hamber." He's apparently pulled up his socks quite a bit from the 20-some percent overall in the first term, but is still failing. There is concern that he will not pass the final exam and, therefore the course, in June.

It's particularly uproariously funny because juky had reached the age of majority many more moons ago than any of us would like to think about. Not only has he graduated from highschool (cum Laude, I may add), has a Bachelors Degree in Commerce & Business Administration and was on the Dean's Honour List, which is not entirely small potatoes at an institution the size and reputation of UBC, but is also currently quite gainfully employed.

As near as we can figure, there's an 8th grader in Dave Oakley's Science 8 class with the same name as juky and the label-making app. picked up our mailing address by mistake.

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