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Hair, Makeup and Girlie Things

I put a deposit down at HungNiang today for the wedding day hair and makeup. I'm just glad to get this out of the way. It'll be $500 altogether for me, Bowen and Mabel. I'm thinking of covering this for them too and my Mom if she wants to come with us. It's not that much, so what the hey =)

I was talking to Kevin Yuan last night just before he proposed to his girlfriend. He asked me if I was getting facials every week... that kinda reminded me that it might be a good idea with my rollercoaster-like stress levels and trash-can eating habits. =\ I'll probably go to Lily. She's one of the uplines at Market America that is a beautician/consultant to begin with. One of the reasons I hate going to beauty salons is that they keep trying to sell you stupidly overpriced products that you don't need. But because I'm a member as well, I'm hoping she'll just do my face every week and spare me the slimey sales pitch.

I'm not into the beauty thing to begin with. Being closer to my Dad than my Mom probably had something to do with it. Skin care, hair, makeup, fashion, shopping and all those "Girlie Things" never made it into my list of priorities.

My Mother bought all my clothes for me until well into my first job at MDSI when I was 23. It was a Hit & Miss thing. If I liked what she bought, I wore it. If I didn't like what she bought, I couldn't really say anything (other than "thanks for the loud orange-pink-purple polkadotted sweatpants, Mom..."). I wore the ugly stuff to sleep. Boy, did I have a lot of things to wear to sleep =D

This means that I also have no concept of what "sexy lingerie" is for... which is fine because neither does the Fiance Guy. =) I also have no use for shopping. IMHO, malls are for housing Hello Kitty trinket stores.

I have long straight hair with no bangs that I just tuck behind my ears or twist it up into a bun with a pencil stuck through it. I towel it after washing and let it dry on its own, no blow-drying, no styling, nothing.

I don't wear makeup. I did have a year and a half long eyeliner-every-day habit that started the day I interviewed with Ed at MDSI and stuck with until the third or fourth month at RS. I've stopped wearing eyeliner lately too. I do think I look much better with the eyeliner, but I'm too cheap to buy a $10 stick of eyeliner every 2 months and too damn lazy to keep up the habit. =) And besides, I think that letting everyone see me being ugly every day will make a bigger impact on my Wedding Day =)

But mostly, I just couldn't be bothered.


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