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I was really nervous earlier this week. This week was the Company Status Meeting. The last time they did layoffs, they notified the people right before the meeting, so every company meeting is a little tense.

Well, I'm still enjobbed. I was even fed and clothed. It was the company's 4th Anniversary. We got breakfast and some pretty good champagne on the meeting morning. The champagne raises a few eyebrows though... And everyone got company logowear. They ordered baby doll baseball shirts! In my size! =O =D

So, I guess the anniversary wouldn't be the time for layoffs. We'll worry all over again next meeting.

Work gave me another Mac project. I'm just doing a bust-ass regression pass this week. It's really tedious and just barely non-deterministic enough that it couldn't be scripted. But the client paid, so they had to put an extra source of heat on it. All the halogen lamps were taken. =)

Next week, I'm supposed to set up to do builds for this project, merges and the rest of it. It was hinted that the Project Lead specifically requested me so that I would get to bill my time on an external, paying project.

One of the company partners was really pushing me to submit an abstract for a paper to a conference this summer. He gave me a lot of feedback and kept hounding me to do a little every time. The abstract is accepted, but I still have until mid-May to either commit or decline.

I'd love to present it, really I would. It's a great topic: Scalable Vector Graphics Applications in Modelling and Visualization. It's not ass-kickingly hardcore like Robust Adaptive Kalman Filters for the Marine Navigation Problem, but it's not something that I'm way familiar with. I can do it and I have all the help I want. The thought of presenting a paper at a conference scares me, but in a good way — as Kurt Vonnegut didn't say: "Do one thing every day that scares you."

But if I'm going to be on two projects, I'm not going to have a whole lot of brain left over to do the paper.

The upshot of this is that I now have 3 machines at work: my P3, G3 and the new one is a G4.

My P3 is okay, except something in the Mozilla core libraries causes it to crash (Mozilla crashes, Phoenix crashes, Netscape crashes), so I'm stuck with EW, I mean IE. *roll eyes at ceiling* I'm kinda running out of drive space, down to 3-4 Gigs free on a 18G drive (yeah, it's pretty old). I've packed up all my personal stuff, deleted the big things, czf'ed the rest. That'll do for a while, but I think eventually, I'll need more space.

My G3 is named Quarkie. She wound up with me because no one else wanted her and I needed a Mac — any Mac — for the Quark project. It's kinda slow. I have OSX, Classic Environment 9, Developer Tools on it as well as literally 9 versions of QuarkXPress (US English) — 3.0, 3.1, 3.11, 3.2, 3.3, 4.0, 4.04, 4.1, 5.0. The video card sucks, so I can't get the resolution past 1024x768. On a 19" monitor, everything is MASSIVE, even when I've pumped all the icon sizes and everything down as far as they'll go. What's most unfortunate is that Quarkie doesn't have enough drive space to install Jaguar. Nonetheless, I love Quarkie. She's cute and she works.

My G4 is Keya (KEE-ya) — in keeping with naming them by a mangled variation of the application we're interfacing with. Keya has OSX Jaguar, which means I can have Safari on it. She's zippity fast compared to Quarkie, but opening large PowerPoint files and scrolling through them still brings up the rainbow swirlie.


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