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To-Watch Movie List

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IMDB's Random Movie feature is really cool. I found a few really interesting movies that I'd like to see. Here's my running list with additions from everywhere:

And the ones I've already seen:

[ Good // Bad //  So bad that I refused to finish watching. // Icons from Rotten Tomatoes. ]

 40 Year Old Virgin — It was funnier than Wedding Crashers... slightly.
 Sin City — It's like watching a comic book. Ech.
 New Police Storyreview
 Shaun of the Dead — *sigh* Whatever.
 Wedding Crashers
 Be Cool — I fell asleep several times, during. Each time I woke up, it still wasn't done yet, so I went back to sleep.
 Star Wars: Episode III — I was in the theatre and I pretty much had to finish watching, otherwise this would have been rated
 The General's Daughter — A mediocre film, but it still made me jumpy for a while.
 King Arthurreview
 The Incredibles — LOTS OF FUN!! =)
 Man on Fire — I hated the first half; it got better when things started blowing up, but I had to leave. Must finish watching.
 VIFF2004: Good Morning Beijingreview
 Bourne Supremacyreview
 I, Robotreview
 Spiderman 2review
 Fahrenheit 9/11review
 The Chronicles of Riddick — I actually saw this in the theatre. What I saw of it was good... but I fell asleep through a great big chunk of the middle. So, exactly how good I thought it was, is quite indeterminate at this point.
 Van Helsingreview
 Mean Girls — It's pretty shallow, but amusing.
 Hellboy — Heehee, neat =)
 The Butterfly Effectreview
 Along Came Pollyreview
 Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Kingreview
 Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines — Meh. Whatever.
 The Matrix Revolutionsreview
 The Matrix Reloadedreview
 Scary Movie 3review
 2 Fast 2 Firiousreview
 VIFF2003: Wild Berriesreview
 To Kill a Mockingbirdreview
 Glengarry Glen Ross — I only watched to pick out Al Pacino's soundbytes from the prank call. The dialogue is very repetitive and droning.
 Phone Boothreview
 Gone in Sixty Seconds — Boring, unless you're into cars.
 Two Weeks Notice — Cute, but not as funny as I thought it would be. The best stuff was in the trailer. =P
 Die Another Day — Yeah, okay, whatever. Now I can say I've seen it.
 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearlreview
 Zoolander — A few chuckles, but generally not my cuppa.
 Italian Job — Two thumbs... does my opinion count if I was just staring at Mark Wahlberg the whole time?
 Memento — Wow, that was a very different format, but it was a cool way to do it.
 Office Space — It was scary and funny how true to life this was.
 Boondock Saints — Willem Defoe!! HAHAHA =D
 Picture Perfect — Saw this one on TV; a bit over-the-top. Jay Mohr is cute and the Indian wedding looked very interesting. =)
 Pi — Um, that was... interesting... I think...
 My Neighbor Totoro (1993) — I've wanted to get this one on DVD for the longest time.
 Identity — [Personal Note: John Cusack; at least they didn't call it "Schizophrenia"]
 The Corereview
 8 Milereview
 Shanghai Knightsreview
 Bourne Identityreview
 Catch Me If You Canreview
 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secretsreview
 Lord of the Rings: The Two Towersreview
 My Big Fat Grssk Weddingreview
 The Ringreview
 Black Hawk Downreview
 Hedwig and the Angry Inchreview
 Serving Sarareview
 Austin Powers: Gold Memberreview
 Minority Reportreview
 The Othersreview
 Star Wars: Episode IIreview
 Moulin Rougereview
 Kiss of the Dragonreview
 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stonereview
 Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ringreview
 Monsters Inc.review
 13 Ghostsreview



May. 17th, 2003 02:09 am (UTC)
Whoa, so did you actually come up with Defending randomly? That would be the first instance of "psychic IMDB" that I've heard of...
May. 17th, 2003 11:58 am (UTC)
Oh no, that one I just picked because of the "take a piss!!!" thing =D

The IMDB Random picks from a pool of the most popular movies. =)


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