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The Tale of Three Me

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The Online Me:

<input ... >  Add Katja as an LJ Syndicated feed. She is brokenclay. =)
<input ... >  Add Xinit's MT blog as an LJ Syndicated feed. He is xinitsblog.
<input ... >  Work on Fazia and/or Jeff to get an RSS/RDF feed thing for her blog. =)
<input ... >  Whine to FazJeff about adding commenting ability to Faz's blog... maybe just convince Faz that she really wants an LJ instead =D

The Real Life Me:

<input ... >  Buy a new pair of shoes.

You wouldn't think it, but "buy Non-Descript Black Shoes™" is one of the most amazingly difficult things that I have to do, second only to "buy A White Shirt™" with "buy A Pair of Black Pants™" close behind. My current shoes were (CDN)$20 from Superstore two years ago. I have a real sinking feeling I'm not going to see that kind of deal this time. They're actually still in fairly good condition, but the sole of the heel is torn. I could take it to a cobbler and have it fixed, but that would probably cost me more than the shoes. =P

Provided that I can even find a similar pair anymore... they were comfortable, they looked good and they were all around sensible. That would mean no one wants shoes like that, except me.

<input ... >  Buy a swimsuit.

Husband Guy said that he and Brother-In-Law Dude were going to jump in the pool at the Y after basketball this Sunday and he asked me if I wanted to come along. Um, well, I don't own a swimsuit. I haven't owned a swimsuit for a looong time. I don't go swimming. It makes sense. Husband Guy is slightly aghast at the notion that I would spend that much on one piece of clothing and that I don't currently own a swimsuit.

The last one I had was over $100 and I saw Princess Diana wearing the same one in some stolen vidclip of her on vacation with the boys. Completely a coincidence. If I had known she had it, I wouldn't have bought it.

The Work Me:

<input ... >  Bill my time for the top half of May.

<input ... >  Build Umbrella (on Keya). The codename is "Umbrella" or "Zontik" or "Parapluie" or whatever language the precipitation deflection equipment is in this week.

<input ... >  Check all Linespacing issues.
<input ... >  Check weird file crash.
<input ... >  Check 0-length crasher.

<input ... >  Build Stonehenge (Quarkie).

<input ... >  Build verification for Code Cleanup Take 2. Take 1 really fracked it up. =P

*sigh* You see how I like The Online Me and The Work Me better than The Real Life Me? The Online Me is relatively higher satisfaction. The Work Me makes money. The Real Life Me just throws money out the window.


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