The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Silly Husband Guy Funny

weather: kinda raining
outside: 18°C
mood: giggly
I was starting to get changed to go out this morning when Husband Guy walks in on me. We chat for a bit and he took off, which is fine.

Then I suddenly remembered something I wanted to tell him, but he was already a little ways off. I opened our bedroom door just a crack and called to him because I was only half dressed.

No answer. I call him again. No answer. Louder. I get this faint "What...", which means he's a fair ways away now.

"Could you come here a sec?" No answer. *sigh*

Call again, call again. Another faint "WHAT?" *hmph*

[ticked off] "I'm NAKED. Come HERE."

And he comes running. *LOL* I just meant that I wasn't quite dressed, so I couldn't walk out there to talk to him =D =D

Tags: husband guy
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