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Canadian Prime Ministers and Spouses

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magicwoman posted a list of Presidents and First Ladies in her lifetime. Here's mine:

Year Prime Minister Spouse
1979-1980   Charles Joseph Clark Maureen McTeer
1980-1984 Pierre Elliott Trudeau Margaret Sinclair Trudeau
1984 John Napier Turner Geills McCrae Kilgour Turner
1984-1993 Martin Brian Mulroney Mila Pivnicki Mulroney
1993 Avril Phaedra Douglas Campbell  
(Kim Campbell)
Howard Eddy
1993- Jean Joseph Jacques Chrétien Aline Chaîné Chrétien

[To the tune of "Neener Neener"] ¯ We had a female Prime Miiiiinister!! ¯ We had a female Prime Miiiiinister!! ¯ =D

So, Maureen, Margaret, Geills (pronounced "Jill"), Mila, Howard, Aline. Well, the ladies' names get fairly interesting, but the guys are boring =)

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