The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
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Health Progress

weather: sunny
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mood: satisfied
I noticed that my heart rate has become quite sane this last workout. I'm glad the treadmill panel has stopped flashing nasty messages at me.

The muscles don't ache nearly as much in the days after workouts anymore. I'm still a bit achy the day after, but no killer owwies going up and down stairs like before. And today, two days after, I feel nothing at all. The hottub soak afterwards must be helping too.

I've gained weight, which is always a happy thing for me. My Reverse Weight Watchers works really well, but I knew it would. I had a scary little weight drop earlier this year. I've gained some back since. Not a lot, just holding steady with a slight climb for now. But my pants have still loosened up a little, so I must be losing fat and gaining muscle. That's just fantabu-wondrous.

I'm still lighter than my usual target weight, but I actually feel okay. Probably because my old target was a higher fat ratio. I don't know where my new ideal weight will land yet. I'm theorizing that it will be more (muscle > fat), although, if I feel okay now, then if I'm the same weight as my old target but with more muscle, less fat, that might be fine too.

I'll just continue the little exercising spats, watch how I feel and what my body does.

Tags: health

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