The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

The Never-Ending Windows XP Fight

weather: sunny
outside: 25°C
mood: accomplished
God. Windows XP is such a gigantic piece of ass.

It randomly forgets the dimensions and position of my app windows. Occasionally at random times, but always when I reboot. And, c'mon, this is Windows. I have to reboot every time I look at my machine the wrong way.

On the quest to make XP a slightly smaller gigantic piece of ass, I'm using the BagMRU and Bags registry hack. It's working well, so far. *gasp* My windows are always the same size as when I closed them... the way they're supposed to be in the first place =O How. About. That.

There are a hillion-jillion other annoyances with XP, Office XP and the whole lot, but you just take your small triumphs, y'know?


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