The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
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Packing For Armageddon

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Have I explained the Food Department at our house yet? The family philosophy seems to be to stock up for Armageddon, then forget all about it.

Then once in a while, go on an archeological expedition, millenia into the future and find stuff upon excavation. This is generally the commonly accepted practice of finding a dead Egyptian Pharaoh's tomb, for example.

We routinely get a snack this way.

This was even when MIL Woman was here. His family has always been like that.

It had been so hot here last week that Husband Guy had a minor case of heat exhaustion last weekend. Sunday night, he decided he wanted some juice. No problem, there should be some frozen Minute Maid concentrated juices in one of the freezers.

We plow through the freezer for the frozen MM and crack them open to find the most unfriendly-looking, unfood-like growths in the place of what was supposed to be frozen juice. It looked like Chernobyl and smelled worse. You would never have guessed that it could go bad, nevermind turn that nasty.

Four similar cans in the garbage later, Husband Guy, his Brother Dude and I drove to Safeway to get some new stuff. At Safeway, the first thing Husband Guy says is "okay, where's the frozen juice?" Brother-In-Law Dude and I both go, "um, in the freezer section?" We started making fun of Husband Guy for the stupid question:

Me:  Did I already say 'I Do'?
B-Dude:  Why, yes, I believe you did.
Me:  Was it very loud? Did you really hear me?
B-Dude:  Sorry, man. The whole church heard you.
Me:  I didn't say it very loud. Do you think it still counts?
B-Dude:  Well, it _was_ kinda quiet...

=D =D =D

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