The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Husband Guy's Birthday

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It was Husband Guy's birthday yesterday. And he had a crisis at work, poor guy. =\ It seems to always happen in the software dev industry. You spend your birthday fighting a huge fire at work. It's happened to me, it happened to my ExBoss Friend, co-workers and countless others.

We're not big celebrating/partying types, so it was just a quiet night at home, watching CSI, finishing off leftovers (which always makes us both very happy to not have to throw money away).

I bought his gift in March. I was hoping he wouldn't go out and buy it for himself. It's totally the kind of thing he would buy too =} I got him a piece of nostalgia. He really loved it. =)

It had all the English titles that he either owned and played extensively and a few of the translated Japanese/Chinese ones. There were pics of complete collections of all the popular game series of the time — a lot of which he actually has on a shelf somewhere, but it's nice to see them all together in one place. There were games that he showed me how to play back in highschool when we first started going out.

I remember his family ribbing him about "having a girlfriend and what's the first thing he does? Shows her how to play computer games." =)

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