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I've been taking Yoga at work with a co-worker who is also a Yoga instructor. She just got her teaching license, so she's pretty new at it. About a handful of us are just doing it for half an hour at midday, twice a week.

Whatever gets me up and out of my chair, I guess. It's pretty interesting, I'm discovering that, whoa, I have muscles there?!?!

I've only been to three sessions so far. I'm beginning to remember more and more of the poses each time. I have to work on my breathing. I don't think I have that quite right yet. I started arriving a few minutes early so that I could do a little stretching on my own before I start. Either stretch or recite the GuanYin Sutra with my wristlet.

I went in early today, unrolled my mat and put my legs up against the wall for a 90-degree wall-sit stretch. Yogini Lady came in and I must have said, "hi" just as the door made a noise, she must not have heard me. She completely ignores me, totally didn't see me at all and started setting up her stuff. Then I piped up "so, I'm not late today..." and that freaked her out =D =D

Nifty that I can just turn into a wall fixture, huh? =D I've always been able to be invisible in plain sight like that.

Tags: health

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