The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Yet Another To-Do/Update List

Ceremony Stuff

  • meeting w/ Rev. Miles - May 27, 11:15am
  • confirmed with Robin

Wedding World
  • order pew bows
  • copy the limo decorating picture
  • buy ribbon
  • order favours(?)

  • talked to another manager... the original manager isn't there anymore.
    We should drop by one evening to get an updated 2001 banquet menu. They close at 10:30pm.
  • ask if can we take some time to test the sound system
  • can they recommend a DJ from 5:30pm - midnight

  • go back to Calabria and get the same 10 cake samples for Mom & Dad
  • buy two champagne flutes (The Bay)
  • call Bailey (see if he can take MP3s, MC stuff)
  • Bernice will be continuing with the flowers after this weekend... probably ready in early May
  • Bowen will be in town June 24th

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