The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

The Harry Potter Show: At the Half

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I'm not impressed.

It feels draggy and annoying. It wasn't exciting, electric or profound. Yes, I know it was supposed to be much darker in tone, it's not supposed to be all happyhappyjoyjoy like the others.

I want to shitbeat Hermione. Self-righteous, arrogant little fuck. Who the hell is she to force her own way of life onto others? Through deception, no less. It's obvious that the House Elves don't want freedom and don't want her help. She's NOT doing a good thing for them, Dobby was the only one.

I'm sure JKR's message was that "heroes are not perfect", very often, they're human, just like you and me, not without their flaws and errors. I'm sure that was done on purpose. I'm just not sure it was supposed to be done in a way that makes me hate the book. Am I not supposed to want to read past the half-way point? Am I supposed to seriously questioning if I want to read Book 6 and 7? Am I supposed to feel like I should just go re-read The Chronicles of Narnia or pick up The Time Quartet?

I want to read OotP from the adults point of view, Dumbledore, Molly and Arthur Weasley, Tonks, et al. I want to know more about them, their backgrounds and how they fit in in the Order.


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