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Not Friday Five — Money Challenge

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This is from incognita who got it from her buddy girl, Amy. It was much more interesting than the Friday Five and, somehow, I found this one more challenging =)

Note: you are not allowed to pay bills, put it in a bank account (which I guess includes investment accounts), or give/donate the money to anyone.

1. You're given $10 and 15 minutes in which to spend it all, what do you buy?

A Double Dip. CDN$10 will maybe get you a packet of ketchup? *znorf* =) I don't buy lottery tickets often, but I'd rather take my chances with the Can't-Do-Math Tax and maybe win something =)

2. $100 and 1 hour; what do you buy?

If I'm allowed to use the cash towards something, I'd go and try Rob Feenie's restaurant, the Lumière. Or maybe go to Feenie's (the casual, less expensive one) because then, I could bring Husband Guy.

The backup plan would be to hit the mall and grab a few extra clothing items. That's not very imaginative, but if I can't figure out something better, that's about the only reasonable thing I can think of.

3. $1000 and 2 hours; what do you buy?

This is where I really want to just shove the money in a bank account. I have no imagination and can't think of anything I'd want in this price range.

Would it be enough to rent an RV and do a cross-Canada road trip? I'd like to drive across, stop and stay in places along the way. Go all the way out to the Maritimes and stick my foot in the Atlantic Ocean off Prince Edward Island or Newfoundland, then return the RV there and fly back.

The backup plan is to do more fix-up work on my car in preparation to sell it. I'm better at making backup plans than thinking of exciting stuff to do with my money =P

4. $10,000 and 48 hours; what do you buy?

I'd book that vow renewal and honeymoon tour of Italy that I've been thinking about. Or maybe use this money to do that Cross-Canada RV trip.

5. Two tickets and transportation to anywhere in the US to see a currently touring music group/performer. Who do you see? Whom do you take as your guest?

I would have said Les Troyens at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. I'd want to go with Husband Guy, of course. But A) it's over now and B) it's not his thing.

The next choice would be the Cirque du Soleil, Mystère or O performances in Las Vegas. Allegria is playing here in Vancouver right now but, meh, whatever.

6. An invitation to high tea with 3 high profile women (politicians, celebrities, etc.). Who will join you?

  • Sheila Copps — Canada's current Minister of Heritage. She's in the running for the Liberal leadership right now. She isn't the favorite to win, but if she does and the Liberals win the next Federal election, she could be our next Prime Minister. It's more likely that she won't get the Liberal leadership, but be a Cabinet Minister after all is said and done. I've recently become a bit more interested in Canadian and local politics, so that's kinda what I have on my mind right now.

  • Dr. Condoleezza Rice — US National Security Advisor. She sounds like the most amazing person. I'd have to try hard to suppress the urge to blurt: "What the hell are you doing mixed up with these GOONBALLS?!?!" =P

  • Adèle G. Simmons — she's not quite that high profile though. She's the First Assistant Director of Star Trek: TNG (beginning with Season 6), DS9 and Voyager. Star Trek episodes are directed by all different directors, but Adèle is the most senior permanent person on the direction team. I met and spoke to her very briefly once at the Abbotsford Home Show where I volunteered, some time ago. The door prize was a trip for two to Las Vegas for the opening of Star Trek: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton. She was the guest speaker and just an amazing lady. She had some really nice and encouraging words to say about our community service group — something like: "These wonderful people are seeing a need in the community, getting off their butts and doing something about it." We all really appreciated her for that. I'd love to have more time to chat with her again.

Part of me wants to say "Queen Elizabeth II", "Madonna", "Janet Jackson" or something like that because those women are so guarded and rare that if you had the wildcard, you really should take the opportunity to meet them instead. But I'm not interested in what they do... well, I am sort of interested in talking to Queen Elizabeth but I don't think it would be a very fulfilling experience. Honestly, what exactly was her contribution to the world? So, that just leaves Elizabeth, the person, who might be interesting (I hear she would have made a kickass lawyer). It's impossible to get very close and personal even for people who are around the Queen on a daily basis. A few hours, one afternoon, is not enough time to get to know someone like her.

The other women, I'm not really interested in them or what they do at all.

7. The opportunity to perform as an extra in a movie sequel. Which movie do you choose, and what will you do?

About the only movie I think I could really fit into (with a bit of a stretch) would be one of the Harry Potter ones. Character Notes:

  • I'd own and operate an Apothecary Shop in Diagon Alley selling potion materials.
  • Snape would be one of my best buds. =)
  • A speaking part wouldn't make me an extra anymore, but I'd like to be able to prattle on about some rare ingredient from one of my excursions into the mountains and wilderness to collect herbs, roots and other things.
  • I'd maybe do guest Potions or Herbology lectures at Hogwarts during the year.
  • I'd maybe get to play Mediator between Snape and Harry... "Severus. James was an ass, but Harry is not his father... and would you please WASH YOUR HAIR already?!?!"; "Harry, SHUT UP sometimes, uh-kay?" =D
  • Name: Mrs. Chang; no relation to Cho Chang, but we're sure that if you go far back enough, we are related somehow. Everyone with the same last name is related if you go back far enough.
  • My marriage to my husband was arranged by family, but we fell very much in love.
  • Worked together at the family medical practice.
  • My husband was killed a long time ago.
  • Opened the Apothecary in Diagon Alley in his honour, to continue his work.
  • Dumbledore had offered me the Potions or Herbology teaching position at Hogwarts before he approached Snape and Sprout.
  • I declined it. At the time, I was still in mourning for my husband. Also, saying I'd never had children of my own and didn't have the patience for students. Dumbledore disagrees; each time I do a guest lecture, the students seem to be enchanted, more motivated and pay more attention in the time following my lecture. Which is why he schedules my guest lectures during a period of low interest level at the school, as a "pick up".
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