The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Very Quintuple Randomly Thank You

weather: sunny
outside: 22°C
mood: silly
This week's Friday Five isn't that interesting to me, so I'll just throw out five random things instead.

  1. Can I convince the Husband to use his LJ and talk car with my friend people? =)

  2. That Psychedelic Amoeboid design is called paisley. I didn't know that. I kept calling the Husband's tie, "the one with a whole bunch of blue amoebae all over it".

  3. No other nightmares this week. I think analyzing it up the wall and down the other side satisfied my head that I know my issues and I am thinking about them.

  4. I wish pneThe Philip were back already. I miss the dude.

  5. Accompanying Buddy-Girl-B as a Lady In Waiting on a Ritual Wedding Gown Hunt this weekend. She'll shoot them out of the sky and we'll go pick them up where they land. Hee, should be interesting.
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