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Restaurant Previews =)

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So ntangNick,

We had a power outage at work (again *sigh*) and they told us to go home at 3:00pm. I walked up to Lucy Mae Brown to check them out. They're not very big, indoor seating for about 24 plus a few at the bar, patio seating for about 25-30.

They were between lunch and dinner but they let me in to just browse the menu a bit. They were really nice about it =) They asked me if I wanted a drink too (they could have just left me with the water). I got a ginger ale and when I got up to pay for it, they told me not to worry about it. =D

It's awfully dark inside, but maybe that's just because it was so bright and sunny outside. There is patio seating. Their menu looked interesting. Nine appetizers between $9 and $12. Nine entrées, the most expensive one was $25. Their chef likes hazelnuts. =)

On the way home, I drove by West to see what they were like. I didn't go in, but I was stopped at the traffic light right outside their door. They looked really nice too.



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