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John Fluevog Shoes

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I was bumbling around the John Fluevog Shoes site. Co-worker of mine swears by her Fluevog boots.

I couldn't stop looking at this pair: the Vision. I may not want to own them*, but damn, I'd really like to try them =D

* — No, that's not true. I would want to own a pair of those. But only when I win the lottery jackpot. Twice. And I'm getting sick of seeing so much money. Or something like that.

Back in this parallel Universe, my taste in summer shoes run more to the Chloe (my favorite out of them all), the Rosetta and the Rita (in green)... maybe the RIO. But all of them have a birch base which means you couldn't walk much before your feet started hurting. And wearing them often would do something to your back, for sure. I'd also never pay those kinds of prices for shoes.

As it is, I got a pair of slightly heeled mules for (CDN)$40.00 which is still the most I've paid for a single pair shoes in four years. Yay for Payless Shoe Source at the mall. My mules are so popular, I can't find a picture anywhere on the internet. This was the closest thing to it that I could find, but mine are not Skechers, they're no names (well, there is a brand on them, but I think it's as good as a no name). They're very soft black leather and I don't have a strap across the metatarsals. They're very squishy, comfortable and quick to slip on and off. The heel isn't as high as I'd like it to be, but they're okay.

I also found the Fluevog Shoe Sketch Postcards incredible. I love those drawings! The Peepshow Pump and the Peeptower Strap are my favorites =)

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