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Mood Bookkeeping

weather: cloudy
outside: 19°C
mood: #!/usr/bin/perl
my $mood = shift;
mood: ow...
No, my hair is not on fire... that's just a funny-looking mood icon. =) Twice, I burnt the roof of my mouth. Once last night (stupid potatoes) and then again this morning with a no-whip mocha. Oh, and there was a mimosa pudica plant in the coffee shop that kept me amused while I waited.

mood: ecstatic
I have two newly reconstructed front teeth! I went in to Ray, my dentist, to get them done. I have a whole lot more teeth there and I feel all buck-toothed, but it looks fantastic. Well, it looks like nothing special because it's quite normal now, but it's fantastic work =)

mood: deflated
My mouthguard probably won't fit anymore.

mood: hopeful
Ray can probably fix that no problem. I hope it's not so bad that we have to take a new mould of my teeth and make a whole new mouthguard. Extended Dental might look at me sideways or, worse, refuse to cover it — "you already have one..." =P

mood: grumpy
DumbAssClient-ism strikes.

mood: *Warrior Princess Battle Yell* AIYAIYAIYAIYAIYAIYAIYAI...
Working this weekend, today and tomorrow too.

mood: relieved
At least I still have job.

mood: mixed
Husband Guy also has to work both days this weekend. Verizon has taken interest in his cell phone game. All of a sudden, he's in a whole new arena. Much higher stakes than before. I don't doubt he can do it. It's just the stress and not being able to see him that gets me down. It means we can carpool to work this weekend though.

mood: disappointed
Need to postpone the scheduled conference call with pjammer this weekend. I was all set to geek it out too. He's a real hoot to talk to. Tip: If you ever get to speak to him in realtime, say hello, then put your seatbelt on. Or just lay down on the floor so you don't waste time falling out of your chair. It also hurts less that way. As well, I recommend facial exercises a day or two in advance, so as to minimize the risk of cramping from prolonged ass-off laughing. >KD

mood: ack!
LJ Account expiring.

mood: bleah
Paid for another 12 months... spending money always gets me down.

mood: rawk
I still have a paid LJ.

I think I net on the Happy side. =}

Tags: nerdy

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