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Lunch w/ Stephen & Rachael

Went to TGIF at Metropolis with our long lost highschool buddy, Stephen, and his wife, Rachael. Rachael's very nice and was a great sport when I accidentally threw a glass of ice water her way =P Caught up with Steph a bit, told him about various highschool friends that we knew about or heard from (mostly The Guyz - Clarence, Ben, Turen, Jasper - and the Taiwan Crew - Lucy, Julie, Serena, Wendy). His older brother, Jason, has since gotten married, moved to Calgary and just had a baby girl, Brianna. His younger brother, Al, is [still?] going steady with Simon's sister, Cindy.

We made him promise to be at our wedding and GIVE US HIS NEW phone number when he moves. We joked that we've never been able to reach him at the same phone number twice. =)


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