The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Work Is A Hairball

weather: mainly sunny
outside: 17°C
mood: drained
music: Ben Heppner - Die Liebe der Danae, Act III In Syriens Glut (Strauss)
Work is a hairball that I can't hack up.

We were in danger of losing the contract to a competitor because the client is a dumbass. This client had money to burn and were being real jerks about it. We're not completely out of the danger zone, but it was looking very promising by yesterday.

*sigh* I was almost hoping they would just go away. But they have deep pockets and we need a piece of their change. And we have a good rapport with other divisions of the company, no sense souring our name in general. The thing is, morons can't tell that they are morons because they lack the cognitive ability to see what a moron is.

I've been working 14 hour days, 7 day weeks, for 2 weeks straight now. The stress is doing something to my immune system, I can feel it. It's like my body wants to be sick, but is hesitant in case work springs a huge fire.

"Um, can I please be sick now, ma'am?" ... NO, I thunder, TRY IT AND I'LL SMITE YOU WITH NEOCITRON. I really do need to load up on Robitussin. I hope we still have NeoCitron that's not past the expiry date yet.

toturi's work has been looking up too. Wednesday evening, he worked until 2am. I stayed with him. I put together 4 chairs in the conference room and lay down across them so I could get some sleep. Word on the street is that the Producer was pleased with that 2am build. He'd better be, dammit. The game looks really good. *beam* =)

In the future, we'll be hearing more of: "Sorry, didn't mean to hang up on you. My phone crashed and I had to reboot..." Because, y'know, our lives are just not hairy enough.


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