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Gotham Steak House

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That's where we took Brother-In-Law Dude for his birthday fooding.

Wow! I've always been more of a poultry fan. I've never been huge on DeadCow™. But it's because I've just never had good steak and never knew it.

They bring you onion bread to start. That bread was very crummy. It was fantastic bread as Right-Out-Of-The-Ovens go. The crust was just so light and flaky that it made a lot of crumbs. >KD

Their calamari was really good. It came with an interesting tzatziki sauce that was made with sundried tomato(?)... whatever it was that made it orangie, it tasted good. The banana peppers gave it a mild warmth that I really liked. I usually stay away from jalapenos, not because it's too spicy but because there's a funny bitter aftertaste. Hot banana peppers, I find, are just right.

And, I'm very impressed that they did give us tentacles. Some places will leave them out. *boggle* Calamari is just NOT calamari without tentacles.

I ordered the Steak Shishkebab which came with bell peppers, onions and the meat on a skewer on a bed of rice. The vegetables were a bit dry and blah. The rice wasn't anything special (it's quite rare that a Western restaurant does rice the way I like it, so I'm not surprised). I had a glass of the House Red which was good, but... eh, it's a House Red. No more to tell.

The first piece of steak on the end tasted funny and was a bit stringy. The other pieces were great, though. Husband Guy's Bone-In-Rib Steak was incredible. I wanted to have his dinner instead. =D

So, there you have it:

Gotham Steak House & Cocktail Bar
615 Seymour Street
Vancouver, BC


Aug. 25th, 2003 08:31 am (UTC)
It looks expensive, but the portions are massive, so the price per food is actually on par with the other less expensive restaurants. =)

We were going to take you there, but then there's the "why would you travel to far-off places just to have things you can have at home?" =)

Next year. =)
Aug. 25th, 2003 09:11 am (UTC)
Ah, that's cool. We've got some restaurants like that here, too... I posted about the time we had a meet at Carmine's, I believe, which is an Italian family-style restaurant.

So when are you two going to visit NYC? I'll take you guys to Peter Luger's, we can see how it compares. :)
Aug. 25th, 2003 09:41 am (UTC)
I'd love to go to NYC. But I have no idea when yet (some changes are afoot)... possibly as early as next year, but I'm not sure. We'll definitely let you know if we go =)


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