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Beer & Snack Day at Work

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Work is having a Beer & Snack Day some time soon. Everyone is supposed to bring a 6-pack of their favorite beer/cider/cooler to share and some beer snacks. Isn't Work great? I love Work. Thank you, Work =)

Let's poll up the LJ-landers and see what kinds of interesting things we come up =)

Poll #173067 Beer & Snack Day

What beers do you recommend?

What snacks do you recommend?

Did you know you can change your answers to polls by following the "Poll #xxxxx:" link?


Self: find out what "Midori" is. Ah, I see...

I don't think I have to worry about Guinness. It's no big loss, even if no one brings it because who would really want Guinness in a can? Useless Fact: you can live on nothing but Guinness and Navel oranges for about 3 months before you need to be hauled off to the hospital for malnutrition. I learned that from a social worker friend from London.

I haven't had Shaftebury Honey Pale Ale or Cream Ale in a long time.

I also thought about getting Smirnoff Ice, but... well, it's a really funny thing. I only seem to crave it when I'm not having it. When I actually have one in my hand, it tastes like ... a waste of vodka. =P Maybe I just want a glass of lemonade and a glass of Moonshine/Samogon, separately =}

I SO want to bring edamame for my snack. I might be able to borrow my parents' hot pot thingie and plug it in in the kitchen. I bring a pot and a strainer. It just sounds like more effort than necessary.


Thanks for all the suggestions! Keep'em coming. I may end up having my own personal Beer&Snack Day... Week... Month...

WASABI PEAS! Brilliant! Thanks, Clint =D

TimTams: I've heard all about those. My teeth are singing just thinking about them. I think there's a place that sells them here too =D Thanks, ingole =)

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