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Moving Day

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Work moved my desk today. We used to be split across the second and third floors but we've taken over the other office next door on the third floor of the building. Today was moving day.

All the people on the upper floor have offices. They're pretty cozy offices. Some are no more than a few feet wide, some are inner offices and have no windows.

The lower floor, where I used to be, was just a bunch of desks in a huge open space. Having worked in a cubicle, in the bowels of a company exactly like Initech (á là Office Space), I much prefer just a desk in an open floor. I find the monitors and desks are enough of a boundary. Our desks have wings on one side, so if you put the wingless side up against a wall, you've essentially cordoned off good sized area of work space.

I would have been okay with an office if that's all there was, but as it is, there's a big open space in this new area. It's not as big as what we had before and we're packed in much tighter, but the whole point was to A) pay less rent for a smaller space and B) fit everyone onto one floor so we wouldn't have to run up and down the stairs.

When I first saw the space we were moving into, I didn't like the feng shui. The side of the room that I liked, had this weird convex curved divider thing that loosely separated one area from another. I don't like convex curves towards me. The other side of the room, that I didn't like as much, had the same divider but it was concaved towards the desks.

But once we got our desks assembled and moved into place, my desk seemed to make it better, so I wasn't too upset.

The first day in, I had the honours of doing the Inaugural Tripping of the Alarm. =P >KD The alarm system on the new side had been connected to the existing side. When the last person on the other side armed it, I tripped it walking out into the hallway as I was heading to the washroom.

S'okay, phoning the security company went quite smoothly, so I didn't have to pick dog teeth out of my forearm or anything.


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