The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
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"Hack Job"

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We need to carve some kind of walkway between the two office suites at Work. We already know where that archway is going to go. But it would be boring to just make a normal archway, drywall it over and put a normal wooden frame on it ... *ho-hum*

My suggestion was to beat out a jaggedy, approximately doorway-sized hole with a sledgehammer and just leave it. Lacquer and seal it over with clear protectant stuff so we don't have debris falling on us. Do whatever we need to pass City Safety and Inspection. But essentially make it look like it was just blown through, perhaps even leaving the extra piece of wall laying on the floor. Then put up a plaque beside it that says "Hack Job". =D

In Work's past life, they put a piece of styrofoam rock busting out of the wall and labelled it "Embedded Object". I loved that thing.

We talked about punching a person-shaped hole in the wall (á là Warner Brothers cartoons). "He came in for one interview and we never heard back from him since." >KD

But it would be a bit of a pain in the ass when we have a group of clients coming in and they have to walk through in the exact position of the punch-out, tilted to one side, arms up in the air and everything ... "you guys did this on billable hours?"

And how big would we make that punch-out? What if Yao Ming came to visit? Then we'd be screwed. No, we decided. That wouldn't work.

I hope they like my idea of the "Hack Job" though. That's the kind of fun and geeky spirit that's the trademark of this group. =)


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