The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Doesn't It Suck

weather: clear
outside: 18°C
mood: disappointed
Doesn't it suck when your favorite pair of summer sandals, that are still in perfectly good condition, starts hurting your foot for some inexplicable reason?

It would have to be the nicest pair. This would be the pair that was (CDN)$40 from a random tiny shoe boutique in Taiwan that you talked down to $20 (maybe even less than that). The one with the cutest row of little leather flowers on the instep. The pair that has high enough of a heel. And at the same time, doesn't look like a total ass. The one that's just the right shade of Neutral so that it goes with your khaki pants as well as jeans and looks decent with black pants all the same.

It was fine for a year and a half. Then all of a sudden, it pinches a blood vessel consistently.

Tags: girl

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