The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

10 Points For Me

I was talking to Kat today about Wedding Horror stories. I was saying how I think a lot of Western Etiquette is so over the top. After I gave an example of what I was talking about, Kat's comment was, "yeah, who comes UP with these things?!?!".

My reply was, "the same people who were born with sticks pre-shoved up their asses".

*sizzle* 10 points for me =) =) =)

I'm sure someone will be offended that Will and I don't do our Thank-You notes "properly".

I'm sure SOMEONE will be offended that I didn't chop down the damned tree, beat the wood to a pulp to make my own paper, picked my own chokecherries from the forests of the Pacific Northwest, boiled them down to make my own ink and write with a quill pen that I made by hand after the quill fell off the pheasant that I raised from a chick.


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