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What Subatomic Particle Are You?

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Quark — You are subtle and mysterious and people know very little about you. You like hanging out with small groups of friends (usually 3) who you are very close to. You are usually friends with other quarks like yourself.

What kind of subatomic particle are you?
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I haven't posted a quiz result in a long time. I do almost all the quizzes that I see floating around, but most of the time I just don't post them. Sometimes, the questions are so obviously pointed at a particular answer ("Are you short and have hairy feet? Do you wear a pointy grey hat and cast spells? Are you a female Elf whose father is Elrond?"... WTF?). Sometimes, the result is way too typical of me. One way or another, they're pointless and I don't post them.

But this one was way too cute. I wonder if I'm an Up Quark or a Down Quark though... I could also be a gluon or a neutrino. "Neutrino" is such an adorable word =)

Looking at all the possible results reminds me of first year Physics which was one of the most uselessly meaningful courses I had to take.

Tachyons. Hehehe =) Do we know if tachyons really exist yet? Because if they actually do exist... a mighty hellfire will blaze forth, threatening to engulf and consume the existence of the entire known Universe in one fell swoop with the fury of ten thousand maelstroms that elfen... Satan's... own....

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