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With Flying Colours

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... is how I passed my performance review today. Okay, maybe not totally flying. At least Royal Ascot calibre racing? =) The point is, they like me, I'm not a useless turnip and I'm not fired. So, yay for me.

I named a few people that I'd like to work with in the future if the opportunity came up because they have strengths and knowledge where I'm weaker. I said I'd like to do certain types of projects that have a focus on certain technology that I'd like to learn (if we ever get an MP3 project, I AM SOOO THERE!!!). And I'd dearly love to work with a *NIX OS again. That's my solution to everything: open up a Command window; (on a Mac) open up a Terminal window and grep for it; cd to the kitchen and grep for a snack.

My salary review will be a few months down the road. Somehow, they don't want the salary review to be associated with the performance review. I don't quite know why, but I'll buy it. They feed me and clothe me too, so I'm really not complaining. I don't count pennies with people who are honest, fair and treat me well.

I also had two software releases to do. They're two separate projects, but they're actually two parts of the same thing. But still, Release Days are always interesting.

This week, I got to touch more code than I have in a loooong time. QA isn't supposed to touch code, but this was really piddly. I was hoping the guys would be way too swamped to care =)

As powerful as Developer Studio is, my instinct is still to edit the files in a plain text editor =D And as with most things, you set up the resources once, build to regenerate the headers, then you only need to change the .rc file in one spot which is 2 or 3 written steps of instruction as opposed to a 10 step process for opening the project in Dev Studio, push this, crank that, etc.


Sep. 13th, 2003 08:16 pm (UTC)
Well, no peer evaluations per se. But peers can comment about my work to the boss. Their comments aren't computed into reports but it does influence how I'm perceived by my supervisor.

Each month, 5 of my calls are randomly audited. My supervisor audits 2 of those. And 3 QA specialists each audit one as well. They score me and the average of those 5 calls is then forwarded to Logistics & Reporting.

L&R takes those scores and factors in my occupancy time (time when I am taking phone calls less my post-call processing time) and produces a monthly performance review in a report.

The quarterly performance review is the average of my monthly audits during that quarter. So in essence you can say that I have perf. reviews each month.

That's probably more info that you were looking for but the presence of Big Brother is heavy in the industry. The good part about it is that they know how good you are at your work and you can move up in the organization.


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