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Company Luncheon

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Well, that was really dorky.

For the longest time, when someone said "The Boathouse Restaurant", that meant the one on the corner of Denman and Beach Avenue in the area known as English Bay.

Apparently, there are at least five Boathouse restaurants in the Lower Mainland now. There's the one at English Bay; one in Richmond; one in White Rock; one at New Westminster Quay; one at Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver.

We both assumed it was the English Bay Boathouse. We were supposed to be at the Horseshoe Bay Boathouse ... oopsie. It would have taken way too long to get out there, so we decided not to go. I'll apologize to Office Manager Lady tomorrow. =P

We ended up just going to the mall for Butter Chicken instead. We hadn't had that in a long time and we wanted to hang around the mall again.


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