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Feed the Husband. Said the Wife Manual.
Okay. Says I.
What about his friends? I ask the FAQ.
Uh... QA your work first. Said the Wife Manual FAQ.

I made a tuna casserole last night based on the implementation specs that cmshaw posted the other day. It was meant for Impoverished Students™, but I find that those kinds of things also work for Cheap-Ass Kitchen Challenged Wives Who Are Too Exhausted From Work To Be Bothered™. =)

Of course, I had to do it my own way. I used ritorti pasta instead. I like funky-looking pasta. I'll always take rotini and ritorti over spaghetti, linguini, vermicelli and macaroni or bowties.

While the pasta was going, I added half a can of water to the Campbell's mushroom soup in another pot and cooked the Green Giant frozen veggies right in the soup. I didn't see why I needed to cook the veggies separately. Soup is liquid just the same, it can be used to cook, yes? Add salt, pepper, oregano, paprika and whatever other spices in the cupboard that aren't fuzzy or squirming.

When the pasta gave me a "done" vibe, I turned off the heat. I noticed as I was adding the tuna to the soup/veggies pot that there is virtually no difference between tuna chunks and tuna flakes. We got one of each to see what the difference was. So, okay, whatever, mix it in, add more salt. Take the pasta pot to the sink, put the lid on slightly tilted and pour off the water. Strainers are a pain in the ass and are not allowed to be used in our house (like the dishwasher).

Then throw the pasta in and mix. It said to bake it, but it looked edible to me at that point and in no need of baking. Which makes it a Not Casserole... but, that was dinner.

Next time, I do it with my own veggies. Edamame, broccoli, aparagus, extra mushrooms, maybe even artichoke hearts. Now that it's gone through the QA cycle, I can release it for potlucks and such.

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